Callahan Enterprizes/Send Out Cards

Hello Everyone and Welcome to 2010!

Has everyone had a chance to check out Callahan Enterprizes and Send Out Cards?  There are after the holidays sales at our mall.  If you have not tried out the new card program we have you should check it out while we still have gift accounts left.  Go to: and send out a couple of free cards on us.  Our president Kody Bateman will walk you through the process and help you send out your first card.   Give it a try and let me know what you think.  I know you will want to sign up, you can reach me at: .  I will be waiting for a lot of e-mails.  Also is you have not had a chance to check out our new two floor mall go to: and check out all the stores in our mall.  It is the largest mall around with two floors and over 1,000 stores and millions of products.   There are also some other good products on our site that are not in the mall From World Wide Merchandising, Mega Electronics, Vista Products, Personal Security, Physical Security and Paint Ball guns and supplies.  Check us out!  Well this is it for now.  Thanks for checking in on our first blog for 2010.